The every season, warm but cute, ” I can wear it hiking or shopping” sweater. It’s not a dress up kind of sweater, it’s a casual sweater but it seems to be on everyones radar, and for good reason. It’s so comfortable.  The inside is a fleece material and the colour goes with everything. 10/10 … More Patagonia

Sick Days

Sadly, I’m sick as a dog. Other than sleeping all day I have thing’s I like to do when on bed rest that helps me feel more human. These things make me happy, but they done make my flu or cold go away but it makes me not hate being sick as much. These are … More Sick Days

Yellow Sweater

I do not do colour very well.  It is outside of my comfort zone.  I was shopping and found this cute yellow knit, crop sweater.  While not even considering buying it because it was yellow, I tried it on for fun.  Guys, it was the comfiest sweater and it looked so cute. After buying it, … More Yellow Sweater

Holiday Baking

I know I’m a little late for a Christmas post, but it’s still not the New year so I figure it’s ok. When I was little, I used to go to my friend Kathleen’s house and we would bake gingerbread cookies every December. It was my favourite tradition, but over time that tradition kind of … More Holiday Baking