Introducing Me


This is me. If you were ever to run into me on the streets, mall, or any other public area, you’re more than likely going to see me with a coffee in my hand. I am currently a student, in a year I will be a certified dental assistant, but the best thing about me is not my caffeine or my job, it’s my family.



This is my best friend, and the love of my life. Me and Ryan have been through so much together that are short time together seems like an eternity (in the best possible way). He’s a smart ass and a goof, but he makes me happy and he keeps me entertained. He also makes the best chicken, but I would never tell him that to his face. His best feature by far is how amazing of a father he is to our son Lukas.


This is the second love of my life, Lukas. He is a blessing and we love him more than words could even explain. He’s a funny, happy, strong boy who I cannot wait to see grow up into a real gentleman like his dad.


My family is my whole life. We go through so many adventures everyday, and I plan on sharing a good majority of those adventures with whoever is willing to read them.


Mina Mesic

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