Girl Guide : Dating


As you all know I am in a very happy relationship, but I haven’t always been. Before Ryan it was bad date, after bad date and no guy was the “right” guy. When you’re single for a while sometimes we decide to go on dates with guys who don’t deserve our attention let alone our affection. For years I’ve gone on terrible dates, dates that should be forever forgotten, for my sanity. However,  because of those dates I’ve learned a lot about what I was looking for and who I am. Im not a dating guru, but extra advice from someone whose been on bad dates couldn’t hurt.


1. He invites you over for the date, but he wants you to cook: NO! if he wants to date you and wants to make any kind of impression, he’ll make the effort. He will pick you up, make you the supper, and drive you home. Suggest cooking together, thats super cute! If he’s not into that, he’s probably not into you or he’s just a dick.

2. He asks To Split the bill: If its a first date, not acceptable. He should be a gentleman and not bring up the bill at all to you, he asked you out, he can treat you. After a couple dates when you two get comfortable, splitting the bill is more than okay, in fact its recommended. It’ll show your not after what he can pay for, but rather just enjoy his company.

3. He want’s to kiss you: If you want to kiss him on the first date, kiss him. Hell, if you wanna sleep with him on the first date go for it. Do what you’re comfortable doing. Don’t worry about anyone else but you. If there’s a case where he’s more interested in you than you are in him and you DON’T want to kiss him then don’t, plain and simple. Don’t feel guilty about it, but don’t flaunt it. Be polite and if he leans in, turn your head and have him kiss your cheek. Let’s not be bitchy and kill his confidence for the next girl
4. Criticizes you/ something you’re doing: No. that’s rude in general, but to do it on a date when you’re supposedly trying to impress someone is straight up stupid. If he doesn’t like your outfit, hair, makeup, the way you eat, or walk or all the above he doesn’t deserve to be going out with you in the first place.
5. Who cares how you met: If you met at a coffee shop, park or even if you met online, who cares. It helped you meet the possible love of your life. If its a super embarrassing, clumsy moment story LAUGH ABOUT IT! there’s no right way of meeting people, plus online dating sites are so much better now a days.
Moral of this post is don’t settle. If you know what you want in a guy, go get that guy. If something is super important to you ( ex. religion, morals, smoking..) don’t compromise it. If you’re like 90% of the girl population and don’t know what you want in a guy, you’ll eventually figure it out so don’t beat yourself up.

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