San Francisco say’s Hello

Sadly I’m not writing this in San Fran, I’m writing this in my bed, watching Orange is the new Black, and eating sushi (which is just as great as San Fran). We were in San Fran for about 3 days, so we didn’t see everything I wanted ( Ghirardelli square being a big one) but what we did see was BEAUTIFUL! San Francisco definitely one of the coolest cities in the world, and I cannot wait to go back! Enjoy some of the many photo’s we took that day!


IMG_7343IMG_7342IMG_7341IMG_7307IMG_7305IMG_7350IMG_7334DSC_0093DSC_0090DSC_0085DSC_0083DSC_0082DSC_0078DSC_0076DSC_0069DSC_0067DSC_0059DSC_0058DSC_0056DSC_0052DSC_0049DSC_0043image1 2image2 2

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