How being a mom helped my anxiety

First things first, this is a personal experience post. I am in no way saying that being a mom cures anxiety or that everyone is going to experience it the same way I did. I have always had anxiety, about everything. I’d leave my house an hour earlier than i needed to just so I wouldn’t be late, I would avoid certain functions because I knew it would be crowded, and I was also comparing myself to every girl I came across. Since I’ve had Lukas, I’ve never felt better. I’d be lying if I said I was cured or that I wasn’t still anxious or insecure, but it’s a lot better. My first thought is always Lukas, “is Lukas safe, will he be okay, is he comfortable?”. I don’t have the time to be anxious anymore. I am so busy making sure that he’s ok that I don’t even stop to make sure that I am. Nights when he’s asleep and I’m settled is a different story but thats not the point. Once I realize that Lukas is fine and happy, I’m calm and I’m also happy. My anxiety was always selfish and now I can’t be selfish anymore and it’s a huge weight off my shoulders. image1

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