Winter Time Life Savers

Winter is beautiful, festive, whimsical; but it’s also really cold and dry, and our skin and hair seem to get the short end of the stick. Thankfully there’s products that can protect and even save our skin and hair during those cold winter nights. I swear by these products, I use them religiously mainly because they really do work and they really are hydrating.


Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Guys this mask is amazing, if you could only buy one skin care product from my list it has to be this. It’s so easy, you literally massage a generous amount on your skin, and then go to sleep! in the morning just wipe it off. Its so hydrating and smells AMAZING! You can use it twice a week but sometimes I do 3 times a week.


Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil

Okay this is a winter only product because it’s pure oil but its great. My skin needs all the moisture it can get or i dry up like a prune. You put about 4 drops on the palm of your hands and massage it on your face AFTER your moisturizer. Give it a min to sink into your skin and then your free to put your makeup on as per usual, and it doesn’t leave your skin oily which is a bonus. Highly recommended!


Biotherm Biosource Self Foaming Cleanser

This is for normal to combination skin but I still think it works amazing. It’s a foam cleanser so it’s super light weight and you just feel so clean after using it. You have to be careful when dispensing because a lot can come out but other than that, perfection!


Bioderma Sensibio H2O

I know that everyone raves about this product, but that’s because its amazing. I use it to take off my makeup before cleansing and you wouldn’t believe the amount of gunk it takes off your face. It’s so satisfying to see, and a little scary. It literally takes off EVERYTHING.


Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer

Another Olay product, I think Olay is amazing and I literally only use this moisturizer. It’s so light and clean smelling! And it has SPF in it which is super important all year round!


I use all these skin care products on a daily basis ( unless other wise stated) I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t genuinely use and love them!


Macadamia Hair Mask

This mask makes my hair smell amazing and leaves my hair so soft! You leave it on a bit longer than most hair masks ( 7 Mins) so I wouldn’t recommend it for a quick shower, more so a relaxing, hot shower. It’s a bit of a pricey mask, but worth every penny!




Moroccan Oil

Every one has either used or heard of Moroccan oil, and it lives up to the hype! Again, it’s pure oil, so you have to be careful dispensing it but does it ever hydrate your hair. I like to focus on my ends and my ends love it! It has a natural smell to it that I can’t really explain but it’s a very nice scent. I highly, high;y recommend this product. Again, it’s pricey but it last’s forever



I’m writing about these products because they’ve worked for me and I hope they work for you, but there’s always a chance that they wont. Everyone’s skin and hair are so different, these aren’t “one size fits all” products. If you’ve tried these products let me know how they’ve worked for you πŸ™‚


Merry Christmas and God Bless

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