My Year Through Pictures

Since it’s New Years Eve I thought it only fitting to show my 9 most popular photos on instagram and a personal little blurb to go with them. I am an awful blogger who rarely get’s photo’s taken of her so this will have to do for now, but believe me I am trying.

From top left to bottom right


  1. One of my favourite lukas photos, I just think he looks so precious. This is when we went skating and he got all bundled up. He had so much fun in his little skating sleigh. A great 2016 moment.
  2. Dental Assistants unite! This was the day after the elections and we honestly just needed some cheering up.
  3. Christmas festival in Beaumont. It was about half an hour past Lukas’ bedtime so he was a little cranky but he got to meet Santa (which he didn’t like)
  4. New glasses means new selfies. Why not with red lips?
  5. Baby’s first Halloween! He dressed up as a bear cub and he was the cutest little bear I’d ever seen
  6. This photo is not mine to post, Lewiston is a 5 month old who passed away of SMA. His story broke my heart and even though I’d never met him I think about him all the time.
  7. Fort Edmonton park had some nice turkey’s walking around and Lukas was smitten.
  8. Christmas shopping requires Christmas drinks
  9. Baby’s first Christmas and my favourite so far


I wish you and your loved ones a happy New Year! Lots of love and good health.

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