Weekend Shenanigans

Weekend’s are always crazy busy and for the most part crazy fun! Last few weekends there was music festivals, coffee dates and lots of food! Living in Edmonton is definitely to best place for me and my family because we’re never bored and there always something to take a photo of ( or in front … More Weekend Shenanigans

Beach Days

Summer has officially arrived in Edmonton, which means we finally get to go to the beach! For an adult the beach is a place to relax, get a tan and maybe have a ice cold drink ( beer or ice coffee, whichever you prefer) but for a 1 year old the beach is a whole … More Beach Days

Family Weekend

Our lives are crazy busy, it’s always GO GO GO! when we get a chance to take Lukas to the park, we grab it by the horns. He such an energetic kid that it’s great to let him walk around and explore, he also loves the swings! I have never seen a kid look so … More Family Weekend